New Beginnings blog post by Geraldine Russell of Soul Footprints

I am so excited to be writing this blog, as it means that my journey as a full-time reflexologist has definitely started. Since qualifying in September 2018 I have worked in other employment, retail and in the last year the funeral industry, alongside giving reflexology treatments. Since reflexology is my passion and my hope has always been to focus solely (excuse the pun!) on this, I feel blessed and grateful that the universe has presented this opportunity to me now.

My family, friends and clients have been so encouraging and supportive, believing in me when I have had wobbles and believe me there have been a few! I have been taken out of my comfort zone completely; marketing, creating a website, sharing photos of myself, writing a blog for the first time at 56 years old, to name just a few. I have met and am working with some wonderful people who are helping me to embark on this journey, and who are so generous with their advice for which I am so grateful.

Sarah Lynn from Simple Online Solutions has created a wonderful website which I hope you love as much as I do. Sarah has encouraged, answered copious questions, explained, gently nudged me reminding me of deadlines for photos and content, all with the patience of a saint! Thank you Sarah.

Why the name Soul Footprints?

I thought of this name after qualifying to be a reflexologist. I felt that I had been on an amazing journey, learning new knowledge and skills, gaining confidence and learning more about myself along the way. For me wellbeing and self-love is a journey and reflexology is a big part of this, it really helps me to refocus and rebalance my mind, body and soul, hence ‘Soul Footprints’ was born.

Soul Footprints logo of Biggin Hill Westerham with Geraldine Russell

Meditation has also been a big part of my wellbeing journey and has been my ‘go to’ during the challenging and difficult times we have experienced during the past 18 months. My daily practice is really varied; guided meditations, silent meditations, listening to chanting and music and these practices can last anywhere from 5 mins to 30 minutes. They help me to feel calm, yet energised and able to think more clearly. I have loved engaging with Nicky Thackray the coach and founder of My Zendays. Nicky’s approach is to help you “to become a calmer, happier, more fulfilled you” and it works!

Another big part of my wellbeing journey is walking in nature. This really helps to dust off the cobwebs and helps me to be in the moment. I have always loved to do this right from a young age during family holidays in Scotland to now going for walks with my own family including the grandchildren and their dogs!

I hope that reflexology can become part of your wellbeing journey too. As well as my new website, I have other exciting things coming up in addition to my existing treatments and I’m looking forward to sharing this with you.

Geraldine x


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